15 Wall Decor Ideas That Will Decorate Your Blank Wall Space in 2022

Your beloved home is complete! The only thing that remains is a blank wall. This is a real Catch-22 for homeowners. We’ve got your back! A blank wall can be the beginning of something new.

It’s time to start a new leaf. It’s more than just creating a gallery wall. You have a lot of wall décor options and techniques that can make your wall completely unique. Below are 20 proven ways to transform a vacuum into the X factor in your home.

1. Statement Art

Large artwork can have a powerful effect on any room. The artwork creates a focal point in the room that is balanced and doesn’t distract from the rest.

The more large your piece is, the more conversation and graphic aplomb it will bring to the room.

A large photograph or painting that is hung at eye level can make the most impact.

You might even be able to create your own minimalist, DIY abstract art. With simple shapes, abstract minimalism can be achieved.

2. Gallery Wall

You can’t decide on a single piece, but you might prefer a mixed gallery. Your wall can look like an art gallery display.

An asymmetrical display design can be enhanced if it has the same size frames, the same color backing and is placed on an equal grid.

For an eclectic mix, you can go wild and combine a variety of framed photos, paintings, and illustrations with contrasting scales.

Gallery Wall | Home Decor

Learn calligraphy by getting into print media. Arty calligraphy can be found in a variety of styles, including Japanese brush fonts and Chinese fonts inspired by nature.

3. A beautiful accent wall

Sometimes, a large piece of art can look flat.

To increase the height of the room, start with something tall such as a large painting. Next, add a chair to the side.


To give the scene depth, place a pendant lamp over a stack or vase and add a light source. You can also flip the chair to make a stool or ottoman if you don’t have enough space.

4. Decor On Console

The versatile console tables are always welcome in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways.

Instead of leaving the console empty, you can stack art frames and nail them to it. The table can be adorned with a beautiful planter or an ornamental lantern.

Decor On Console

Consoles can create a “moment” that forces you to look at the screen and stop!

5. Wall Murals and Wall Decals

Wallpapers can elevate empty spaces with their minimalistic look or bold graphic statements.

Bold graphics, modern geometric, understated Chintz, biophilic Landscape, jungle motifs and delicately floral wallpapers are all a tribute to escapism during this pandemic era. There’s something for everyone.

Grasscloth is made from natural reed and adds dimension and texture to walls while being more sustainable. We love the subtle variations that Grasscloth offers in its prints.

We are more interested in things with meaning than ever before. Wall murals are seeing a revival thanks to the appeal of heritage and craftsmanship.

6. Wall Mouldings

Moldings and trimmings are a great way to add character and detail to an empty wall.

From baseboard flat profiles to picture-frame wall molding, moldings imbibe a streamlined-traditional styling, needing no extra frills.

Fluted walls are the season’s element and create dreamy, rippling silhouettes which catch the light in the most captivating ways.

7. Lacquered walls

They are extremely shiny. They are lively. They bring Hollywood glamour to your home. They look like lacquered walls.

They will make your guests stop in their tracks with their opulence!

Lacquered paint colors can be achieved on dark walls for reflection of light from pendants, chandeliers and candles.

Reds are traditional and loud, but intense blues and greens with lacquered walls will have a romantic, dreamy air.

8. Architectural Accent Wall

If placed on a white wall, architectural elements that are distinguished can grab attention.

To name just a few, delicate details of fauna, flora, motifs and folklore extracts have been painstakingly etched onto windows and doors in Burma and India as well as wooden panels in Turkey, Indonesia, Morocco, Morocco, and Indonesia.

One piece of this classic, large personality art can add an antique touch to your wall.

These are great as backgrounds for dining rooms and living rooms walls.

9. Rugged Walls

Have you found a rug too beautiful to be touched? Give them a try!

These rugs are ideal for wall art because of their beautiful textures and intricate patterns.

A floor ornament placed on a wall will also be a great way to impress your guests.

Tapestries that tell a story, whether they are from an indigenous culture or an antique one, make great conversation starters. As drapery, exquisite silk rugs are also very popular.

Do you have a bohemian flair? You can make a wall hanging stand out with a patchwork quilt or a unique tasseled blanket. Etsy homes have some wonderful decorating ideas.

10. Green Walls

These clever pockets of greenery add fresh scents to your home and are attractive!

A green wall, which welcomes nature into the home of the world, is a great choice for a blank wall.

It is easiest to place a few climbers at the base of your wall, and then let them “creep up”, to cover it in a lush green jacket.

These creepers can be complemented with grasses or other flowering plants to add depth and color. These can be installed using either simple wall-mounted planters, or more complicated hydroponic systems. House Beautiful advises that you carefully consider every aspect of a living wall prior to committing to it.

Fake options are available today that look leafy and plump if you don’t have green fingers.

11. Large Tree

We love to gush about plant walls. But what if we don’t need something so gregarious.

A large tropical stunner will stand tall before your wall.

Plant a Magnolia or Bird of Paradise to make your home look brand new! You will be tempted to drift into their corner and take a deep breath of the sweet scent of magnolias in bloom.

You can also decorate your walls with rubber trees that have luscious, luxurious-looking leaves.

We are certain you’ll be laying down next to them.

12. Vivid Tiles

You have a wealth of options for titles to choose from.

Terrazzo, the humble material, is being revived by interior designers who consider it to be the sustainable trendetter in interior design.

Handmade cement tiles add a warm, timeless touch to your home’s decor.

You can customize the layout of your walls to make them unique. Brick lay is a reliable and consistent pattern. However, you can experiment with oddballs such as mosaic, crosshatch and herringbone to create unexpected looks.

When you tile your walls, don’t forget to play with grouts.

13. No Wall No Bar

Although clubbing may seem like a distant dream during COVID-19, bar hopping can be done from a wall. To jazz up your space, you can attach a small scullery to the wall.

New York Magazine’s list best wine coolers has set the tone for wine tasting.

You can transform your bistro into a glamorous one by adding lux accessories like quartz countertops or Bengal marble, wall sconces and vibrant cabinets. It’s small but it’s elegant!

14. Idea for Wall Decor with Woven Baskets

Baskets are catching on as a fashionable item, thanks to their striking aesthetics and multidimensional weaves.

This design is made from reeds, palm leaves and grass. Sun swirl is a basket made from banana stalks and raffia. Uganda Baskets also has the heartwarming practice of letting you know who woven your baskets at Ten Thousand Villages.

This bohemian trend is budget-friendly and can be seen in the winning display of floor to ceiling Binga baskets by Interior Designer Stephen Halke.

These colorful and durable rounds, placed on the wall organically, are a nice complement to the interior’s flawless harmony.

15. Accent wall with folding screen

You can use folding screens as standalone wall sculptures. There are many options for partitions. You can choose from portable, metal screens or fixed to studs.

Room London offers a wide selection of divider screens from renowned artists. These screens are unique pieces of art in their own right.

This bespoke material is important to know. Corton Steel is not for the weak-hearted. It has a strong industrial edge that will make your walls look like a wall of charm! You can either use a flat sheet or a block of it.

If you want a gentle burnish, you can also trade copper for corten steel.

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