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Your home is where your heart is and for your heart to be happy and healthy, the décor of your house must make you feel ecstatic and energetic at any given time. The décor you choose for your home is a mirror image of your style and class. To receive compliments for your exquisite and rich taste, you must choose every little figurine, vase, photo frame, candle stand etc with utmost diligence and patience. Be it furnishing the living room with ceramic vases and figurines or bringing in new cushion covers and table runners for your drawing room and dining room respectively, there is no dearth of the options available with us. All you need is an eye for perfection to look for the furnishings that will gel seamlessly with the furniture, wall color, curtains etc to render the perfect look to your abode. What are the essential home décor items you need to put in your cart? No matter how big or small your house is, perfect décor will make it shine under all its glory. For that to happen, we have shortlisted a few essentials that you cannot afford to miss to make your house look complete and inspiring:

• Decorative pillows: Some cozy and comfortable cushions and pillows will add to the aesthetic appeal of the otherwise plain sofa or bed. You can choose bright colors for contrast or you can go with pastels if bright hues don’t excite you much.

• Rugs and mats: This home décor accessory can surely amp up the style of the room.

• Bowls and vases: How about putting some fresh flowers in a vase in the living room every morning? Won’t it bring freshness and positivity to the house? Select from our exclusive range of vases and bowls for the perfect look.

• Wall art: Art is something that will catch the eyes and make everyone stand in awe of your choice. You can be as creative as you want and choose paintings, display cubbies or macramé wall hangings for your home.

• Mirrors: Just like art, mirrors too are an instant charmer. You can choose mirrors to transform the appeal of the hallway, entry or your room.

We would love to be a part of your journey when you want to give that edgy look to your house.